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Capital Structure

MEANING OF CAPITAL STRUCTURE:- Amount of capital and funds is invested in two types of business assets i.e. fixed asset and current asset. To raise the necessary amount of funds, total requirement of fund...


Management Accounting

• MEANING OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING:- Management Accounting is the accounting which provides in non-technical language accounting, cost profit & other information necessary to the management for discharging its functions. Management accounting covers all those...


Human Resource Accounting

• CONCEPT OF HUMAN RESOURCE ACCOUNTING:- The concept of human resource accounting can be better understood if one goes through some of the important definitions given by the competent authors in the accounting field....


Credit Risk Management In Indian Banking System

ABSTRACT The Indian Banking Industry is making a great advancement in terms of quality, quantity, expansion, diversification and is keeping up with updated technology, ability, stability and thrust of financial system, where commercial bank...